Author Topic: Psychics whom have worked for me! And those whom have not...  (Read 11166 times)

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Re: Psychics whom have worked for me! And those whom have not...
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2018, 10:42:55 PM »
Thanks for sharing your experiences with Miss Marla. I read with her recently, and I'm really on the fence with her. I asked about a guy I'm interested in, and she first said there's no movement (which is true because we've been a little distant lately). She then insisted that he's so slow that I will meet someone else and get married before he comes back around. That seems a little crazy because I'm not seeing anyone else right now, and I would think it takes some time to get to know someone before jumping into marriage. I've been divorced once before, so the idea of getting married quickly after meeting someone is not realistic. When I pressed her on details, she changed her tune and said he'll step up, and we'll be together. So I'm not sure if she changed her reading because I questioned her reading, or if she just gave two options -- he will come back but after another person comes along or he will come back and we will be together. If she gives two options then it defeats the purpose of getting a reading.

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Re: Psychics whom have worked for me! And those whom have not...
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Are you kidding me? Mystic Gwen is absolute garbage.

Annie Heaven: read the situation correctly without feeding information. Then when on to answer every question I had without me asking in under 2mins. I had the questions written. She knew without me saying.
Queen of Cups 18: spot on
Star 4you: predictions happened
Mystic Gwen: predictions happened. Always ask what cards she is pulling and do your own research. I use biddy.
Anandas Word: I was in love with her for over a year. She helped me not waste time on the wrong men. Predictions happened but with one guy...she told me the relationship would be infinite...7mos of me calling her only to find out he wasn't even attracted to me. He was only using me.
Psychic Love Spy Violet: spot on and accurate
Readings by Teri: good with tarot
Ruby Jane Star: very good. Gave no info...knew everything.
Miss Marla: this woman is the real deal!! She is always right and predicted many things correctly!

On the Fence:
Scott Angel
Universal Insights 777
Psychic Medium James
psychicreader19622: very, very, very nice man! VERY compassionate. Will email you back to reassure you! He brought me to tears...because I wanted his words to be correct. He knew exactly what my heart wanted to hear.
Twin Flame Love Guide
Joanna Moon: got one for sure prediction right!

MelodyMarie: told me the opposite of everything the guy I like told me. It hurt me because yes... I'd love for her to be right but there is no way she is...but if she magically turns out to be correct... I will put her at the top of my Good List and apologize!
Tina Z
Anna Maria Gabriel
Pat58: says Yes! To everything! AND keeps notes.
MamaAna: nothing manifest ....ever
Ask Grace
Your Love Guide
Gifts of Faith
Dilani Diva
Victoria Sands
Eli Casey
The Psychic One
Steven Craig: waste....of...time...tells you what you want.

I like mystic Gwen as well. She comes up with some crazy accurate things!