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--- Quote from: calista on October 14, 2013, 12:54:22 AM ---Hello everyone
It has been a really long time since I wrote here. Hope everyone's doing well:)
I chose this thread bcos I do have some inputs to offer on Katherine Glass. I read with her in Jan of this year and the two big items that  she mentioned to me have happened! One was about a new job which she insisted was at my current co and would be a career changing move for me. She said it would happen by the end of spring and although I was looking I wasn't expecting to find something in my current co. Anyway i did get an opportunity that is truly  a dream come true and started in the end of June there and this is within the same co so Bingo on prediction # 1.

Prediction # 2 - She said that someone close to me would get married at the end of this year. I didn't know of anyone like that and wasn't sure what that meant so I filed it away and forgot about it. Well turns out that one of my closest friends had been dating someone secretly and hadn't told me or anyone else about him. She called me one fine day in Sept and told me the whole thing- they were engaged and were planning a Dec wedding. Her statement was what made me remember the prediction and I was stunned- Katherine is very accurate. However this was short-lived as they called off their engagement after two weeks , its all very sad at the moment. I keep hoping that they work it out and the wedding happens - she has waited a long time to meet the right man so she deserves it. So I'm hoping that Katherine's prediction turns out right and my friend gets her rainbow !

Based on the above I have to say Katherine Glass seems to be the real thing! 100% accuracy is pretty impossible and I think someone else on here mentioned that she had been completely accurate for them too. Folks save your money and read with her its $120 for 30Mins I think but it is well worth it. She is not very good at predicting relationships and reading another persons feelings but shows great promise with future predictions.

She predicted I would be married and have a family in the next two years and her description of the guy matched the last man I dated to a t. He and I have been barely in touch in over a year now and I have given up on him but her prediction made me sit up and take notice. Although I admit I'm not sure if being with someone who does not seem ready for a serious relationship sounds like a bad idea and in my head I'm inclined to ignore him even if he comes back. Her prediction does have me curious though as to what he could do to change the rational side of me regarding the relationship. She described him down to his actual height, physique and skin color along with some of his traits- I was pretty shocked.

There you go- this is my experience with her and I am confident that she does have a lot of skill and is very genuine. I would rather spend $120 on a true psychic than smaller amounts on numerous fake ones. Take your pick!

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Hi there.  Did you ever get married and have a family as she had predicted??

Can you update us on if this psychic got predictions right for you?

--- Quote from: hope4love on October 14, 2013, 05:14:11 AM ---
--- Quote from: calista on October 14, 2013, 01:06:46 AM ---Oh and she did predict other things about me such as I how look in person which she was pretty accurate on. She got my age almost right and the fact that I wear a gold bangle on my right wrist. THe bangle thing I thought was funny as I do wear it most of the time but the day I read with her I wasn't wearing it.

I now restrict my readings which are no more than 2-3 a year to her and Sunhee/Chinhee. She has proved to me more accurate than them with 100% but they are pretty close too. Chinhee has predicted that I will be with the same guy that Katherine spoke about and said he is a twin flame. Katherine's words for it was that we are twin flames and it is a meeting of minds.
I did feel that way when I met him but he was fooling around so I walked away from it. The truth is though I've never met someone for whom I've had such an instant attraction and can relate to so closely and he felt it too but wasn't willing to date more than casually.
So I'll see, he is supposed to reach out to me anytime now and if that happens and things do evolve I will come back and update all of you. But like I said these people seem very real to me especially Katherine and I would stick to someone who is trustworthy like her.
All the best everyone!

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Thanks for sharing your experiences and it's nice to know there are genuinely gifted people who are ethical and want to help people.
I can totally relate about meeting someone and there's an instant attraction and rapport.  Who knows what will happen with this person. Ultimately, I'm sure you'll do what you feel is right for you.

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