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I had a radio reading with her and she seemed very good. Anyone else have experience with her?

aef2929 P:
lioness I LOVE Katherine Glass.  She is a classy lady and an awesome reader.  I recommended her to someone else on here who also loved her.  Wonderful woman.  She read for me then continued the reading later on facebook unsolicited by me to help me.  She sent me to another website for some soul work which was wonderful.  She's a beautiful soul herself and very genuine.  She really wants to help people. :)

Thanks so much for the info on Katherine :D! I'm happy she works for you! I haven been very tempted to read with her, but her rates are pretty high. What's funny is that I've spent a TON of money on readings, which were a result of your typical breakup story where I'm wondering if/when I'd receive contact from an ex. Every single psychic said he would most definitely be in touch again. Of course, I have not heard from him in almost 8 months. Katherine was the ONLY one that said he would not be in touch! She seems like she is legit and has integrity. I am just curious to know how her accuracy has been with you.

aef2929 P:
I have to say so far she's been 100% for me .  I've only read with her 3 times since the summer but for what she's told me 100% of it has happened how she said basically.

How much are her readings? Unless I completely overlooked it, I didn't see her rates listed on her website. Thanks! :)


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